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One Idea at a Time.

Arpadutch is an aspiring investment manager for the common man. Our model is simple, we scan through the investment universe for ideas that can have utililty for readers and are readily investable considering individual mandates; small, mid or large caps. We operate across two asset classes i.e equities and fixed income.

However what makes us different is that we will eat -depending on cash at hand- the cookies we make. Our goal is to make sure that the readers understand that our interests are aligned. We do not utilize any sell-side research or opinions thereof. All ideas are self generated. Guiding principles are:


〉 Integrity

〉 Prudence

〉 Opportunism


Usama Tariq, Analyst

The analyst does what he loves doing the most; analyzing businesses and figuring out what is cheap or expensive using plain talk and easy numbers. The goal is to be roughly right than precisely wrong and build an actively managed portfolio over the long run.

The aim of the analyst is to provide a respectable return over a longer time span in excess to the return of the general market.  The analyst realizes that the reader’s money traces back to someone who has worked extremely hard their entire life and deserves a respectable return upon retirement. Thus the aim is to provide efficient capital allocation ideas to all readers.


Exceptions ∞
» We do not cover liquor, drugs, gambling or any speculative businesses or activities associated with them. Fixed income cases will be on opportunity basis with once a while investment cases (mostly fixed income: at1 bonds/sukuks) for businesses that appear just too good to be true.
» Please refer to the sample investment cases for what you can expect.